PGA of BC Order of Merit

The PGA of BC Order of Merit is designed to recognize excellence in competition by Association members across the province over the course of a season. Golf Professionals earn points toward the Order of Merit based upon their results in individual stroke-play championships conducted by the PGA of BC and in affiliated Regional Tour events. 

In order to increase parity throughout the province, each Regional Tour will now only designate eight events from their respective schedules, agreed upon by the Captain's Committee, and their Tour Championship to count towards the PGA of BC's Order of Merit standings. For a full list of Regional Tour events please visit the Affiliated Regional Tours page on our website. It is also important to note that the Player of the Year will no longer be determined directly by the Final Order of Merit Standings, but rather a recommendation by the Captain's Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The Order of Merit will be a heavily influential in the selection process, in addition to the consideration of other events, such as national events and championships.

For a complete breakdown of the Order of Merit point allocation for 2020 PGA of BC Championships and the affiliated regional tours, please click here.


Please Note: Calculation of the 2020 PGA of BC Order of Merit has been suspended due to COVID-19. Click here for more information

Year PGA of BC Order of Merit Winner Full Results
2019 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2018 Oliver Tubb CLICK HERE
2017 Phil Jonas CLICK HERE
2016 Gordy Scutt CLICK HERE
2015 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2014 Gordy Scutt CLICK HERE
2013 Greg Machtaler CLICK HERE
2012 Brad Clapp CLICK HERE
2011 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2010 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2009 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2008 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2007 Phil Jonas CLICK HERE
2006 Bryn Parry CLICK HERE
2005 Phil Jonas CLICK HERE
2004 Phil Jonas CLICK HERE