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Born: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Age: 40 Turned Professional: 1997 Professional Wins: 16 Title: Director of Golf/Canadian PGA Head Professional Residence: Whitehorse, Yukon Territory I started playing golf at the age of 11. When I was 13, I started spending my entire summers at the local Golf Club playing, practicing, and eating my 3 meals a day there. It didn’t take long before I realized that french fries, hotdogs and sodas were taking toll on my paper route earnings so at age 14 I started working at the golf course as well. I started out as a backshop employee, often picking the golf balls off the driving range in the evenings, cleaning member’s golf clubs and other janitorial services. It was a great experience and after several summers I knew what I wanted to be when I was older. Intrigued with business and complimented with a strong playing ability in the sport of golf, becoming a Golf Professional was an obvious decision. I spent 3 years in college acquiring a 3 year Business Administration Diploma with a certificate in Professional Golf Management. I turned Professional between my second and third year of college. After college I moved to B.C. and took my first job as an assistant professional at Christina Lake Golf Club. I worked for 2 seasons there before moving to Creston, B.C. where I would spend 4 years as an assistant professional. In my last season in Creston I completed my Class “A” exam and became an Associate Professional within the Canadian PGA. The next season I took an associate professional position in Prince George, B.C. where I worked for 5 more years. During my last season in Prince George, a very interesting and unique job posting came available for Mountain View Golf Club in Whitehorse. I didn’t hesitate in enquiring about the potential position, and as things turned out, I was hired to be the first Canadian PGA Head Professional for the Mountain View Golf Club and continue to lead a great team of individuals who are passionate about the game of golf. Most memorable moment in Golf? Playing with Lee Trevino a few weeks before turning Professional at a Charity event in Saskatoon. Most memorable Win? Always the first win as a Pro. It was in a mini tour event in the southern B.C. where I won on the first playoff hole. It was in 2001. Favorite Food? After my early years of being an assistant pro in the golf industry I learned to love any food and to never go hungry. Favorite vacation destination? Scottsdale, Arizona. Always great weather and lots of sunshine. I find it a peaceful place to spend time on my golf game, eat at great restaurants, and soak up the sun. Favorite Professional Golfer? My favorite player of all time would be Phil Mickelson. As a fellow left hander he was the player I always aspired to be growing up through my teen years and I continue to support his charities and values. Favorite Golf Course to play? Capilano Golf & Country Club in Vancouver. Lowest score for 18 holes? 62. How many Hole in Ones have you had? 6, and I would trade them all in for an Albatross