Eleven applicants successful at final 2020 PAT

From left, Bryan Lichimo (Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club), Dylan Johnstone (Golf Town - Kelowna) and Sienna LeWarne (Kelowna Golf & Country Club) were among the 11 applicants to the PGA of Canada who successfully demonstrated their playing ability during Thursday's PGA of BC PAT at Meadow Gardens Golf Club. 


PITT MEADOWS, BC (PGA of British Columbia) – Eleven of 30 participants were successful in meeting 18-hole target scores during Thursday's PGA of BC Playing Ability Test held at Meadow Gardens Golf Club.

Under the format newly introduced for 2020, each applicant has a target score to meet based upon their age and gender to satisfy the PGA of Canada’s playing ability requirements. The target scores for the participants in Thursday's PAT were as follows:

  • Men aged 49 & under: 78
  • Men aged 50-plus: 80
  • Women aged 49 & under: 85

Congratulations to the following individuals who met their target scores during Thursday's PAT, listed alphabetically:

  • Connor Borrowdale (Morgan Creek Golf Course) 
  • Daryl Boswell Sui (Richmond Driving Range)
  • Dylan Johnstone (Golf Town - Kelowna)
  • JongHyeok Kim (Swan-E-Set Bay Resort & Country Club)
  • Jack Lee (Delta Golf Centre)
  • Sienna LeWarne (Kelowna Golf & Country Club)
  • Bryan Lichimo (Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club)
  • Andy Lin (Swan-E-Set Bay Resort & Country Club)
  • Lindsay Manion (Northview Golf & Country Club)
  • Joe Schuster (Meadow Gardens Golf Club)
  • Songhao Wu (Par-Tee Golf)

By demonstrating their playing ability, each of the successful applicants have now taken an important step towards obtaining membership within the PGA of Canada.

Click here to view final results.

This was the final PAT to be hosted by the PGA of BC in 2020. The Association is hopeful that public-health circumstances will allow for a full schedule of PAT opportunities across the province in 2021. Those interested in applying to join the PGA of Canada can do so via www.pgaofcanada.com/join.


For more information, please contact: 

Eric MacKenzie
Communications & Marketing Manager, PGA of BC
(604) 303-6766