2020 Education Series #3 - Gallagher's Canyon Golf Club

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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Gallagher's Canyon Golf Club
4320 Gallaghers Drive W
Kelowna, BC V1W 3Z8

Registration Fee:

PGA OF BC Members: $29.00 + GST
NON-Members: $59.00* + GST *Please note that all Guests must be sponsored by a Class "A" PGA of BC Member in order to attend.

Registration Deadline:

Thursday, March 5 (4:00 p.m. PT)

Available PDP Points:

4 Points for in-region members
6 points for out-of-region members

Dress Code:

Golf Casual


9:30 a.m.: Registration Opens

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.: "Mental Fitness: Be the Boss of Your Brain"
Sian Flanagan; Founder, The Business of You

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.: "Overcoming Obstacles to Instruction"
Clay Stothers; Class "A" Professional, The Okanagan Golf Club

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.: Lunch Served

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.: "Building a Junior Culture at Your Club"
Myles Johnson; Head Professional, Hillview Golf Course

**Schedule subject to change


SIAN FLANAGAN; Founder, The Business of You 

Topic: Mental Fitness: Be the Boss of your Brain

Flanagan founded The Business of You to help bridge the gap between professional and personal development. In this session, she will focus on performance optimization through the Vibrant Living lifestyle model and core techniques to use mental fitness as a daily practice to elevate workplace environment, build meaningful connection and improve athletic and professional development.


    CLAY STOTHERSClass "A" Professional, The Okanagan Golf Club

    Topic: Overcoming Obstacles to Instruction

    The PGA of BC's 2014 recipient of the Alvie Thompson Teacher of the Year Award, Stothers will address challenges to providing effective lessons, such as identifying instruction opportunities at facilities with limited practice areas, working around students' tight schedules, and more. 


    MYLES JOHNSON; Head Professional, Hillview Golf Course

    Topic: Building a Junior Culture at your Club

    Johnson was recently awarded the PGA of BC Community Leadership Bursary in recognition of the efforts made at Hillview Golf Club to engage with juniors in its community, which has produced astounding results. Johnson will discuss the strategies at Hillview and elsewhere that have led to great success in growing the game at a grassroots level. 


    1. Clay Stothers, The Okanagan Golf Club
    2. Myles Johnson, Hillview Golf Course
    3. Jonathan Kadin, Nielsen Agencies Ltd. 
    4. Mark Lindsay, Nielsen Agencies Ltd. 
    5. Jeff Liddle, Talking Rock Golf Course
    6. Tyrel Griffith, Black Mountain Golf Club
    7. Shane Pugliese, Black Mountain Golf Club  
    8. Brett Burgeson, Kamloops Golf Club 
    9. Mike Loewen, Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club 
    10. Robert Tadey, Fairview Mountain Golf Club
    11. Todd Tweedy, Fairview Mountain Golf Club 
    12. Dylan Cheyne, Victoria Golf Club 
    13. Vince Trama, Eaglepoint Golf Resort
    14. Cody Bell, Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club 
    15. Nathan Grieve, Talking Rock Golf Course
    16. Thomas McBride, GolfTEC Kelowna
    17. Ryan Stugis, GolfTEC Kelowna
    18. Austin Bosquet, Hillview Golf Course
    19. Mark Kitts, Shadow Ridge Golf Club
    20. James Presnail, Shadow Ridge Golf Club 
    21. Lee Alarie, Gallaghers Canyon Golf Club
    22. Peter Hopley, Gallaghers Canyon Golf Club 
    23. Mike Van Horne, The Rise Golf Course
    24. Jason Jurimae, Gallaghers Canyon Golf Course
    25. Robert Anderson, Kelowna Golf & Country Club
    26. Jamie Stevens, Kelowna Golf & Country Club 
    27. Charles Beneteau, Kelowna Golf & Country Club
    28. Jon Hopfner, Kelowna Golf & Country Club 
    29. Jason McKinlay, The Harvest Golf Club
    30. Bruce Vermee, The Harvest Golf Club 
    31. Lee JH Lee, GolfTEC Richmond
    32. Dave Munn, Shuswap National
    33. Brody St-Martin, Shuswap National
    34. Matthew Jones, Penticton Golf & Country Club
    35. Kate Weir, Rivershore Golf Links
    36. Lee Ranger, The Okanagan Golf Club
    37. Steven Coulthard, The Okanagan Golf Club
    38. Jake Pilon, Gallagher's Canyon Golf Club