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2016 Education Series #1 - Jen Walker, "Fuelling your body for peak performance, on and off the ice"

Are you helping or hurting your body with your diet and nutritional choices? Holistic nutrition coach Jen Walker shares strategies to ensure our member Professionals are getting the nourishment they need during our 2016 Education Series event at the Vancouver Golf Club.

2016 Education Series #1 - Samantha Wayland, "Retail marketing strategies for your golf shop"

Samantha Wayland, merchandise and marketing coordinator for The North Face (Canada), shares strategies to drum up business at pro shops, including how to use promotions, people, events and social media to the benefit of your bottom line.

2016 Education Series #1 - Mark Strong, "Advanced statistics & analytics in golf"

Advanced statistics and new ways of using numbers to measure performance are becoming more and more commonplace in sport. Golf is no exception, and Richmond Country Club Executive Professional Mark Strong discusses how they're making an impact.

2016 Education Series #2 - Derek Orr, "Promotional strategies for your golf shop"

Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club's retail manager presents key concepts to drive pro shop sales.

2016 Education Series #2 - Scott Kolb, "Mapping out your career goals"

The Victoria Golf Club's general manager gives advice on how to set direction and achieve your ambitions as a Professional in the golf industry

2016 Education Series #2 - Winston Michell, "Organizing first-class events"

Hosting great events takes plenty of preparation. Victoria Golf Club's Winston Michell examines the steps involved in executing them from start to finish.

2016 Education Series #2 - Kevin MacDonald, "Manifesting your professional goals"

Kevin MacDonald of Clarity Success Coaching discusses strategies to help individuals achieve the results they want from their life and career. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Rick Maddison, "The deadly art of retail customer service and persuasion"

Tempest Media president Rick Maddison touches on the importance of engaging customers in a different way to drive sales during our Education Series event at The Harvest Golf Club in March 2016. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Sian Flanagan, "Mental preparation, exercise and nutrition for peak performance"

Sian Flanagan of Raw + Strong Fitness and Training discusses how to fuel and prepare your body to be at its best on the golf course. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Warren Mapé, "21st-Century fitting and teaching with launch monitors"

The director of sales and development for FlightScope shows the potential of the latest radar tracking technology to aid with club fitting and instruction. 

2015 Education Series #3 - "Data Acquisition Strategies & How to Use Them"

Matt Crowell, CEO of Get in the Loop, discusses marketing strategies for golf courses. In his talk, Crowell provides updates on social platforms, content strategies for email marketing and blogging (how to be effective at it and why you would want to), personal brand building, and spending ad dollars.

by Matt Crowell, Get in the Loop

Matt Crowell - Data Acquisition Strategies from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #3 - "Managing Today's Golf Clubs"

David Walker, General Manager at Kelowna Golf & Country Club, discusses managing the operations of golf club’s today, as well as into the future. Walker touches on points, including: the flat market, pressure on the expense of operations, heightened customer expectations, necessity to be socially and environmentally responsible, and the changing game.

by David Walker, Kelowna Golf & Country Club


David Walker - Managing Today's Golf Clubs from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #2 - "Hiring & Getting Hired in the Golf Industry: How to Build & Maintain a Team"

Alan Palmer, Director of Golf at Shaugnessy Golf & Country Club, discusses resume and portfolio building for job seekers in the golf industry, while also offering advice to employers on how to build a successful and collaborative team.

by Alan Palmer, Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club


Alan Palmer - Hiring & Getting Hired in the Golf Industry from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #2 - "Maximizing a Player's Physical Potential On and Off the Golf Course: Strategies for Injury Prevention, Optimal Conditioning & Recovery Techniques"

Dr. Abe Avender is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in golf swing biomechanics, including: video swing analysis, golf specific fitness, and conditioning programs. Abe’s golf-specific education includes multiple certifications with the Titleist Performance Institute, CHEK Institute, and Active Release Technique. Maximizing a player’s potential on and off the golf course is the goal of this year’s presentation.

by Dr. Abe Avender, Island Optimal Health & Performance


Dr. Abe Avender - Maximizing a Player's Physical Potential from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #2 - "A Paradigm Shift in Golf Instruction: Re-Thinking the Traditional Golf Lesson"

Doug began his golf career at The National Golf Club of Canada where he was mentored by George Knudsen and Ben Kern, both highly regarded players and teachers and members of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. He spent 13 years at The National, leading the instruction and junior programs before he left in 1994. Before moving west, Doug spent two years teaching with Mark Evershed, developing his skills in knowledge in communication of golf skills. Doug then led very successful golf academies at Westwood Plateau G.C., and Musqueam G.C. before coming to Vancouver Island in 2009 to manage Highland Pacific Golf Course. In 2015 Doug came back to his first love, teaching the game, and took the position of Director of Instruction at Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Academy.

In 2002 Doug took a “side job” as a facilitator for the PGA of Canada’s Teaching and Certification Program. He continues to facilitate “teach the teacher” seminars for the PGA and also serves as a Master Facilitator for the West Coast. He loves to learn and pass that learning on to his peers and students.

Doug has taught golf for over 24 years. His focus is on customizing the lesson based on the students’ needs and goals and making sure they are set up for success. He looks forward to sharing his passion and knowledge and helping everyone have an enjoyable experience on the practice tee and golf course.

In this Education Series, Doug discusses the changes in golf instruction from more traditional forms of instruction to new systemic ways of teaching using science and technology.

by Doug Hastie, Bear Mountain Golf Resort


Doug Hastie - A Paradigm Shift in Golf Instruction from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #1 - "Innovations & Ideas on Junior Golf: Panel Discussion"

James Presnail (Gleneagles Golf Course), Chris Lutes (Northview Golf & Country Club), and Colin Lavers (Seymour Golf & Country Club), discuss innovations and strategies for developing junior golf programs, as well as challenges often faced in this realm.

by James Presnail (Gleneagles Golf Course), Chris Lutes (Northview Golf & Country Club), and Colin Lavers (Seymour Golf & Country Club)


Presnail, Lavers, & Lutes - Junior Golf Panel from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #1 - "The Facts & Myths of Green Reading: Our Time with Jerry King"

Dave Zibrik (Capilano Golf & Country Club) and Ashley Zibrik (Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club) discuss their time spent with Jerry King (PGA Professional) learning about AimPoint Green Reading.

by Dave Zibrik, Capilano Golf & Country Club & Ashley Zibrik, Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club


Dave & Ashley Zibrik - The Facts & Myths of Green Reading from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #1 - "The Operational and Communication Essentials of a Golf Course Superintendent"

Jamie Robb, Golf Course Superintendent at Capilano Golf and Country Club, discusses the professional background of a superintendent, developing and improving superintendent and golf professional relations, and provides an overall in-depth look at the role.

by Jamie Robb, Capilano Golf & Country Club


Jamie Robb - The Operational & Communication Essentials of a Golf Course Superintendent from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2015 Education Series #1 - "Conducting High Performance Camps"

Matt is a Class A Member of the PGA of Canada and one of the few coaches to be trained with the Coach New Competitor and Developing Competitor certifications through Sport Canada and the PGA of Canada. Matt has served as the BC Provincial Coach, Kwantlen University Head Coach and a Co-Founder of the Tour Performance LAB.

In this Education Series, Matt discusses high performance camps conducted by the BC Golf Association (the planning and organization behind the program), as well as the BCGA and PGA of Canada's involvement in coaching.

by Matt Palsenbarg, Northview Golf & Country Club


Matt Palsenbarg - High Performance Camps from PGA of British Columbia on Vimeo.

2014 Education Series #4 - "Budgeting"

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Peter Smith has been a long-standing member of the PGA of Canada since 1976 and in 2005 was recognized as the PGA of BC Club Professional of the Year. Peter is currently the Executive Vice President and Director of Golf at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. His resume includes heading facilities such as the Radium Hot Springs Resort and Greywolf Golf Course, as well as receiving his MBA from the Royal Roads University.

Peter's talk will cover effective budgeting techniques for golf professionals and their facilities.

by Peter Smith, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort


2014 Education Series #4 - "People + Opportunities = Money"

Award winning, international, best selling author, Jaden Sterling accomplished a 20 year goal in 6 years. By age  26, he was ranked in the top 1% of income earners in the United States and by age 31, he retired from Corporate America. Jaden is one of the top success experts in North America, working closely with entrepreneurs assisting them to take their already successful business to the next level.

According to Jaden, "Achieving success isn't difficult after you discover what the key components are and create a framework to maximize them. People + Opportunities x Money = Success is a powerful formula that will change how you look at and go about your business forever!"

by Jaden Sterling,


2014 Education Series #3 - "Careers in the Golf Industry"

As the Vice-President, Okanagan, Brad is responsible for all aspects of Wesbild’s Okanagan projects and operations including Predator Ridge and Turtle Mountain. Brad joined Wesbild from Melcor where he was the Vice President – Kelowna Region and President, Melcor Lakeside. He had been supervising the development, operations and marketing of Black Mountain Golf & Residential Community as well as overseeing Melcor’s other assets in BC.

Prior to that, for 13 years Brad was the Senior Vice President and Managing Director for IMG Canada, a unit of the world’s largest and most diversified sports and entertainment management company, and under his leadership, created the vision and business model to significantly improve operations and financials. Brad was responsible for all areas of the business which included athlete, events, licensing, fashion, consulting and media. Brad managed such notable clients as Mike Weir and Steve Nash, as well as many others. Prior to IMG, Brad worked for Burrard International whose businesses include the ownership of numerous marquee golf facilities.

Brad is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and the London School of Economics. He has served on Boards of national golf and sports associations as well as several charitable Boards. Brad calls the Okanagan home along with his wife and 4 young kids.

by Brad Pelletier, Predator Ridge Golf Resort


2014 Education Series #3 - "Testing the Limits of Your Environment"

Tim Kubash got his start in the Turfgrass Industry in 1984, 30 years ago, at the St.Paul Golf Club, his hometown club. In 1987 he graduated with a Diploma in Turfgrass Management from Fairview College in Northern Alberta.

In the early 90’s Tim worked with Les Furber doing construction work at golf courses throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, including the Royal Mayfair and Predator Ridge.After helping construct the new Graham Acres Golf Club in Whitecourt, AB, Tim took over as Superintendent at the age of 25. Sechelt Golf Club was his next Superintendents posting for a few years, then on to the 36 hole Golden Eagle Golf Club in Pitt Meadows, BC.In 1998, Tim became the Superintendent at the Salmon Arm Golf Club.

Tim received his Master Superintendents accreditation from the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association in 2003.He is a past President of the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association, serving as President in 2012. Previous to this, he was a Director of the BCGSA from 1999-2005.

by Tim Kubash, Salmon Arm Golf Club


2014 Education Series #3 - "The Experience and Opportunities of Change"

Understanding how we experience and react to change are the first steps in helping ourselves and others through any transition. Each step along the way provides an opportunity to learn, grow and benefit from the changes that occur around us. Looking at change in this way opens up a world of opportunities for ourselves, our business and our clients. By deliberately re-focusing on how we create and implement change through relationships and experiences rather than products and services will ultimately lead to greater success and client loyalty in all that we do. 

Like you, Leadership and Change Management expert Jason Kennedy has seen the words change and customer experience defined numerous ways over the years. With over 15 years as an expert in the fields of Leadership, Change Management, Employee Engagement and Customer Experience, his view is radically different.  Jason appreciates and shares with listeners that change and the experience of change can be full of opportunity. It is understanding how change affects us, how we react and ultimately how we embrace and support change that separates our success from failure. 

Jason has led numerous teams to award winning recognition in areas of Quality and Training, Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. He has held numerous corporate leadership positions, bringing leadership and business success to the likes of FedEx, Great-West Life Assurance and Interior Health.

by Jason Kennedy, People First Consulting


2014 Education Series #2 - "Long Term Performance Planning"

Originally from South Africa, Robert Ratcliffe draws on a wealth of experience from having played and coached golf all over the world. A member of both the Canadian and British PGA, Robert is currently the Assistant National Coach to the Team Canada Men’s Program, a role which has him work with Canada’s top amateur golfers. Robert has received several awards for his work, including the 2009 PGA of BC Teacher of the Year Award, as well as the 2011 and 2012 PGA of BC Coach of the Year Awards, and most recently the PGA of Canada 2013 Ben Kern Coach of the Year. Robert presents his view of Long-Term Coaching in North America, drawing from his experiences developing players at grassroots, regional, and national levels.

by Robert Ratcliffe - Team Canada Mens Assistant Coach


2014 Education Series #1: "Managing Emotions for Peak Performance in Golf & Life"

An introduction discussion outlining the studies of The Institute of Heartmath. The science behind Heartmath continues to unlock the secrets of the connection between the Heart and the Brain. This synergy greatly influences everything we do. There are ways/techniques that can be applied which serve to elevate and maximize one's performance state for any activity we do including sports.

by Randy Smith - Head Professional, The Vancouver Golf Club


2014 Education Series #1: "What Is Perfect Practice?"

Popular books such as "The Talent Code", "Outliers" and "Bounce" have brought to the mainstream many topics that should have an effect on how sports are taught and coached. What can we learn from the research? Does it fit into how golf is currently taught and coached? 

by Doug Hastie - Teaching Professional, Cordova Bay Golf Course


2014 Education Series #1 - Panel Discussion: "Teaching vs Coaching" (Doug Morgan, Keri Moffat, Lenny Cyr, John Randle)

Doug Morgan, Keri Moffat, Lenny Cyr, and John Randle reflect on the presentations of the day and provide their perspective and experience in the area of teaching and coaching.

by Expert Panel - Doug Morgan, Keri Moffat, Lenny Cyr, John Randle


2013 Education Series #1 - "The Business of Teaching"

John started his professional career as a tour player. In 1998, he turned his focus to helping others improve and he has become one of Canada’s leading instructors. He has been relentless in his pursuit of knowledge, attending seminars all over North America and training under some of golf’s most famous instructors.

The Business of Teaching: How to create job security by driving traffic and revenues for your facility.

by John Randle - Owner, Randle Golf



2013 Education Series #1 - "Reducing Golf Related Injury"

Andrew is a registered physiotherapist at CBI Health Centre in the St. Anthony’s Medical Treatment Centre in Langford, BC.

Learn why stretching before golfing does not reduce the risk of sustaining an injury, may actually increase the risk of injury, and impairs golf-related performance. Discussion will focus on evidence for performance decrements resulting from stretching and the importance of a proper dynamic warm-up. Andrew will also allot significant time for attendees to ask any golf related fitness and injury questions they would like answered.

by Andrew Grant, TPI Certified Physiotherapist, CBI Health Centre



2013 Education Series #2 - "3 Phases of the Downswing"

Mark Strong's career in golf began as a junior at Prince Rupert Golf Club, where he was introduced to the game by his father and PGA of BC member Moe Hays. Since then Mark's experiences have taken him to some of BC's best golf clubs, including positions with Revelstoke Golf Club, Richmond Country Club, and Vancouver Golf Club. He currently leads the team at Richmond Country Club as Head Golf Professional.

A strong player, Mark competed as a member of the Simon Fraser University from 2001-2004 and acted as the Lower Mainland Professional Golf Tour commissioner from 2008-2008. He has been recognized by the PGA of BC with awards three times, most recently in 2011 as "Member of the Year" and in 2008 and 2010 as "Assistant Professional of the Year". 

Mark's knowledge of swing theory and ball flight is among the strongest in the region. In 2012 he collaborated with American golf professional John Graham to produce an instructional video "The Complete D-Plane: An Explanation of Golf's Ball Flight" which by all accounts is a "must-see." In his presentation "3 Phases of the Downswing" he presents research related to club behaviour during the downswing.

by Mark Strong - Head Professional, Richmond Country Club


2013 Education Series #3

Dean Claggett, Brian McDonald, Ian Robertson & Cindy Piva give their thoughts on the role that today's golf professional plays, and provide insight into the skillsets needed to succeed in the golf industry.

by Dean Claggett, Brian McDonald, Ian Robertson, and Cindy Piva