Keri Moffat, Brian McDonald & Kevin Stinson honoured with PGA of Canada Awards

January 30, 2024 - The PGA of BC is thrilled to share that Keri Moffat (Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club), Brian McDonald (Fairview Mountain Golf Club) and Kevin Stinson (Cheam Mountain Golf Course) were honoured January 24 at Canada Night in Orlando, Florida as recipients of PGA of Canada National Awards.

Moffat was recognized as the 2023 Ben Kern Coach of the Year. She has been a provincial coach with BC Golf, coach with the University of British Columbia, sat on the Golf Canada Future Links Junior Golf Board, attended numerous conferences, facilitated coaching sessions, and has won many Team Championships with UBC, including five NAIA titles. A leader in every sense of the word, after 13 years of coaching the UBC Women's Golf Team, there has been an increasing number of graduating athletes following in Moffat’s footsteps, noticing her passion, and joining the association, knowing there is a place for them in the PGA of Canada. Moffat has succeeded in creating a welcoming environment for young women to fall in love with golf and continue their participation in the sport throughout their lives.

Moffat delivered a moving acceptance speech at the Awards Celebration, sharing a story about one of her students.

“Two years ago, I was teaching one of my favourite students, a junior, eight-year-old. She was really quiet that lesson, so I asked her what was wrong. And she reluctantly told me a story. She plays in a junior girls’ club at a local course, and she and the girls were about to tee off. There was a group of guys behind them, and one of the guys yells out ‘Girls don’t belong on a golf course.’ I was, first of all, shocked, and second of all, had to dig deep and find out what I was going to say to this girl, visibly upset by this comment," said Moffat. "I got down to her level and looked in her eyes and said ‘Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t be in this world.” She started laughing and we got on with our lesson. The reason I’m sharing that story is because I have that same stubbornness and determination to never let anyone tell me what I can or can’t be.”

McDonald was recognized as the 2023 Dick Munn Executive Professional of the Year. In addition to overseeing golf operations (Golf Shop, Food and Beverage, and Grounds Department) and mentoring senior staff, he takes on duties beyond those expected of GMs. These include project management, interior/exterior design, financial planning, and club advocacy, creating a culture of striving for excellence through teamwork. An active member of the community, McDonald also ensures the club is involved in charitable events. He works to maintain the club's fiscal viability, a difficult task considering it is one of two 18-hole facilities in a very small community.

“It was extremely humbling. I have been in this industry for a long time, to be recognized by your peers for your work within the industry means a lot,” said McDonald. “My approach over my career has been genuine and honest. I think people want to connect with like-minded, passionate people. I would guess anyone who knew me when I started in the industry would say that I am the same guy today as I was then… good or bad… but that is something I take pride in.”

McDonald’s professional goals for 2024 include the unveiling of the club’s newly installed irrigation system, and to continue improving as a golfer.

“Dealing with a lot of large-scale capital projects and out of our control weather and fire issues has impacted my play and I would like to rectify that. I am tired of handing over money to [Fairview Mountain Head Professional] Rob Tadey on side games.”

Stinson was recognized as the 2023 Mike Weir Male Player of the Year. He claimed the BetRegal PGA Championship of Canada at Bigwin Island in June, shooting 11-under-par across the two-round tournament and winning the Championship on his second playoff hole. Stinson also finished as runner-up in the season-long 2023 PGA of BC Kal Tire Order of Merit, putting forth several impressive finishes at PGA of BC Championships.

“Mike Weir has been the face of Canadian golf since I was a young child, to win an award named after him is pretty amazing. Professional golf in Canada is extremely competitive, to win this award means a great deal to me,” said Stinson. “Playing on multiple tours around the world really shaped my golf game. Travelling across Canada and all over South Africa taught me how be a professional and helps me adapt my game to different styles of golf courses.”

Stinson shared some personal and professional goals, which include being the best father he can to his and his wife’s first child, who they are expecting in April. He also hopes to compete in the Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf & Country Club this summer.

To watch the full Canada Night Awards Celebration on YouTube, please click here.

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