Career Advisory Program (CAP)

The PGA of BC is proud to introduce the development of the Career Advisory Program - an initiative intended to assist new members of the Association with mentorship, and helping to shape their career as Golf Professionals.

The Program was created to offer new Candidates for Membership (CFM) of the PGA of Canada in British Columbia the avenue to connect with an established Class “A” member of the PGA of BC, to help advance their career path during the inception of their membership.

The PGA of BC Board of Directors have identified twenty eight Advisors with a variety of skillsets, experience, education, and leadership abilities that will be of benefit in mentoring new members in succeeding as PGA of Canada Professionals.

With the transition from the ELITE Program to PACE in 2010, the new entrance policies in becoming a candidate of the PGA of Canada have changed. Over the course of the past five years, the Association and the Board of Directors have identified the desire to provide further direction and mentorship to new members with regards to the responsibilities and expectations of being a PGA Professional. With CFMs no longer being required to work under Class “A” Professionals, the PGA of BC is excited to see the Career Advisory Program provide further support, motivation, guidance, and an overall sounding board for new candidates to help them succeed as leaders in the industry.

Upon completion of the Playing Ability Test and application process, an Advisor will contact each new CFM to connect and provide ongoing support. The Advisor will guide them with expectations of being a PGA of Canada member, along with an introduction to the Association’s Code of Conduct. Furthermore, all Advisors are available for any CFM as a resource should they wish to connect with various individuals specific to any particular field.

The vision of the program is to identify ambitions and goals of the CFM, and connect them with an Advisor who will best lead them to success in their field. Available Advisors are as follows:

Kootenays/North Region
Germain Francoeur
Stephen Haggard
Kevin Maffioli
Jeff Wiggins
Dale Moore
Brian Schaal
Cindy Soukoroff
Interior Region
Rob Anderson
Adam Blair
Myles Johnson
Brice MacDermott
Brian McDonald
Chad Scott
Clay Stothers
Vancouver Island Region
Doug Hastie
Norm Jackson
Bill Kelly
Scott Kolb
Lance McCullough
Jeff Palmer
John Randle
Lower Mainland Region
Norman Baufeld
Tom Monaghan
Doug Morgan
Alan Palmer
Mark Strong
Ashley Zibrik

As the program launches and more information is available, it will be updated on this site so please check back.

For additional information, please contact Donald Miyazaki at