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2017 Education Series #1 - Byron Cook & Paul Batchelor, "Hosting an LPGA Tour event, from the club’s perspective"

Byron Cook and Paul Batchelor, organizing committee co-chairs when the Vancouver Golf Club hosted the CP Women's Open in 2012 and 2015, shared their experiences with attendees at our 2017 Education Series event #1 on Jan. 23 at the Richmond Country Club. The duo detailed some of the successes, challenges and logistics of running the LPGA Tour event before moving into an open Q&A session.

2017 Education Series #1 - Doug Hastie, "How to enhance learning, not just teach"

Bear Mountain Golf Resort's Doug Hastie addressed attendees of our 2017 Education Series event #1 on Jan. 23 at the Richmond Country Club. His session included group discussion work in which participants came up with different strategies to impart learning on students of various experience levels.

2017 Education Series #1 - Norman Baufeld, "Building a Fact-based coaching case for improvement"

Norman Baufeld of GolfTEC Vancouver - Terminal Ave. addressed attendees of our 2017 Education Series event #1 on Jan. 23 at the Richmond Country Club. He discussed using motion measurements and video to demonstrate cause and effect and help build a factual coaching case for improvement, and how this allows players to see where they are in various spectrums so they can better understand what has to change and why, for them to improve.

2017 Education Series #2 - John Randle, "Improving a student's swing: Where to start"

Knowing where to start with a student is essential to giving them immediate and long-lasting improvement. Morningstar Golf Club Professional John Randle provides tips on finding that starting point.

2017 Education Series #2 - Jordan Ray, "Hosting a PGA Tour event on four months' notice"

Bear Mountain Golf Resort Head Professional Jordan Ray shares his club's experience hosting a PGA Tour Champions event with little time to prepare. 

2017 Education Series #2 - Arlen Wocknitz, "Building a sustainable instruction business"

The Victoria Golf Club's director of instructor provides strategies to build relationships with and retain clients coming to you to improve their game. 

2017 Education Series #3 - Greg Redman, "Preparing players physically to go from the Canadian National Amateur Team to the PGA/LPGA Tour"

Golf Canada physiotherapist Greg Redman of Wave Physiotherapy gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he's helped the country's young talents make the jump to professional success.

2017 Education Series #3 - Jan Enns, "You are the Message: Connection Before Content"

The principal of Jan Enns Communications stresses the importance of getting your message across to members and customers in an engaging and appealing way, building your reputation in the process.

2017 Education Series #3 - Hugh Vassos, "Starting a professional golf tournament from scratch"

The GolfBC Championship's Tournament Director shares his experience executing a Mackenzie Tour-PGA Tour Canada event just four months after the event's announcement.

2017 Education Series #4 - Simon Jones, "Grow the Game, Grow the Bottom Line"

The Head Professional at Kimberley Golf Club shares his experiences working at golf facilities on both sides of the Atlantic and strategies that have led to success along the way.


2016 Education Series #1 - Jen Walker, "Fuelling your body for peak performance, on and off the ice"

Are you helping or hurting your body with your diet and nutritional choices? Holistic nutrition coach Jen Walker shares strategies to ensure our member Professionals are getting the nourishment they need during our 2016 Education Series event at the Vancouver Golf Club.

2016 Education Series #1 - Samantha Wayland, "Retail marketing strategies for your golf shop"

Samantha Wayland, merchandise and marketing coordinator for The North Face (Canada), shares strategies to drum up business at pro shops, including how to use promotions, people, events and social media to the benefit of your bottom line.

2016 Education Series #1 - Mark Strong, "Advanced statistics & analytics in golf"

Advanced statistics and new ways of using numbers to measure performance are becoming more and more commonplace in sport. Golf is no exception, and Richmond Country Club Executive Professional Mark Strong discusses how they're making an impact.

2016 Education Series #2 - Derek Orr, "Promotional strategies for your golf shop"

Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club's retail manager presents key concepts to drive pro shop sales.

2016 Education Series #2 - Scott Kolb, "Mapping out your career goals"

The Victoria Golf Club's general manager gives advice on how to set direction and achieve your ambitions as a Professional in the golf industry

2016 Education Series #2 - Winston Michell, "Organizing first-class events"

Hosting great events takes plenty of preparation. Victoria Golf Club's Winston Michell examines the steps involved in executing them from start to finish.

2016 Education Series #2 - Kevin MacDonald, "Manifesting your professional goals"

Kevin MacDonald of Clarity Success Coaching discusses strategies to help individuals achieve the results they want from their life and career. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Rick Maddison, "The deadly art of retail customer service and persuasion"

Tempest Media president Rick Maddison touches on the importance of engaging customers in a different way to drive sales during our Education Series event at The Harvest Golf Club in March 2016. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Sian Flanagan, "Mental preparation, exercise and nutrition for peak performance"

Sian Flanagan of Raw + Strong Fitness and Training discusses how to fuel and prepare your body to be at its best on the golf course. 

2016 Education Series #3 - Warren Mapé, "21st-Century fitting and teaching with launch monitors"

The director of sales and development for FlightScope shows the potential of the latest radar tracking technology to aid with club fitting and instruction.