Professional Development Program Information & Results


Standings as of September 2, 2020



Members of the PGA of British Columbia continue to prove themselves as golf industry leaders at the local, provincial, national, and international levels in a variety of innovative fields.

Introduced in 2013, the PGA of British Columbia Professional Development Program (PDP) is an annual Order of Merit designed to recognize members of the Association whom showed a tremendous contribution to the Association, the industry, and mostly importantly themselves. Through involvement in Education, Tournaments, Trade Show, Awards, and various forms of Volunteerism, the PDP provides equal opportunity to showcase the strength of our members.

As an added incentive beyond recognition, the top ten point-earners by November 30th will be rewarded with cash bursaries totaling roughly $5,000.

Through this initiative, the PGA of BC also acknowledges the Association's Top 100 Golf Professionals each year, awarding the designation to those finishing among the first 100 positions on the PDP Order of Merit presented by Sunice & Bobby Jones. Click here to see the Top 100 Golf Professionals of 2019.

Previous Years Results

Year PDP Leader (Total Points) Full Results
2019 Gord Mink (121) CLICK HERE
2018 Matt Palsenbarg (137) CLICK HERE
2017 Greg Pool (119) CLICK HERE
2016 Adam Blair (124) CLICK HERE
2015 Alan Palmer (121) CLICK HERE
2014 Jeff Palmer (120) CLICK HERE
2013 Dave Zibrik (102) CLICK HERE

To access the PDP points Schedule and Submission form click here.