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Becoming a PGA of Canada Professional is an exciting and rewarding career path in which the steps to becoming one are designed to support and assist candidates in achieving his or her goals. Our members are proud to be a part of the second oldest Professional Golfers’ Association in the world.

The PGA of BC consists of over 680 men and women located at over 200 facilities throughout the province. These dedicated Professionals have chosen the game of golf as a career path, and assist in promoting the game to over 800,000 of British Columbia’s golfers. They are passionate about the game of golf and have gone through various education programs, seminars, and workshops to become both experts and leaders in the industry.

Entrance Requirements
All individuals wishing to join the PGA of Canada will be required to enter the PACE Program by becoming a “Candidate for Membership”, which is a non-voting membership category. All applicants must successfully meet or complete the entrance requirements listed below:

Applicant Process

1. Register online with accompanying registration fee: The onus is on the applicant to meet the minimum requirements of golf industry employment, age, education and police screening – verified by supporting documents sent to the Zone Office. The $300(+GST) National Application Fee allows an individual to remain an applicant for a one-year period from the date of application, or 5 Playing Ability Test attempts. The Applicant will also be responsible for paying the PGA of BC Zone Application Fee ($500+GST) at this time. If an individual does not advance through the program during this time, they must register again and pay both the National and Zone registration fees again. Please note that registrations are only accepted between January 1 and June 1 of any given year. Click here to register with the PGA of Canada.

2. Read the information for the National Orientation: Registrants will be required to verify on their application that they have read and understand this material.

3. Email confirmation sent to registrant and applicable Zone: The Zone location will be based on the address of the registrant’s golf industry employer. The registrant must also send proof of age and high school completion to the appropriate Zone office.

4. Upon complete registration: Once the registration is complete and both the National application fee and BC Zone Registration/PAT fee are paid, the registrant is then considered an Applicant and can access the ‘Applicants Only’ section of the PGA of Canada website, which will guide them through the requirements to become a Candidate for Membership.

Playing Ability Test (PAT)

PAT Definitions
Class 'A' Target Score: 15 strokes over twice the course rating, or less, for 36 holes (numbers above .4 rounded up, .4 and below rounded down)
Candidate for Membership Target Score: 20 strokes over twice the course rating, or less, for 36 holes (numbers above .4 rounded up, .4 and below rounded down)
Sanctioned PAT: A golf event sanctioned by the Zone Board to be a PAT qualifier. Events must be 36 holes with at least one certified Level 3 Rules Official in attendance. Applicants must register with the host golf professional in advance and pay applicable fees. 
Formal PAT: PATs conducted by the Zone and having the same requirements as the sanctioned events.

2018 Playing Ability Test Schedule

Please note the following:

  • An applicant must declare their intent to attempt the PAT online in the Applicant section of the PGA of Canada website and must also confirm directly with Donald Miyazaki at the BC Zone office prior to attempting the PAT.
  • Applicants must pay the BC Zone Application fee directly to the Zone office prior to their first PAT attempt. This fee is due for the formal PAT, sanctioned events, or an exemption. The applicant will only pay the fee once for five attempts. An Applicant will be permitted to attempt a maximum of five (5) PAT opportunities per year.
  • An Applicant is permitted to play in sanctioned events in other zones but may only play the Formal Zone PAT in the home zone; however, the PAT fee is payable to the Zone in which the Applicant is registered.

Playing Ability Test Exemptions:
In recognition of demonstrated playing ability, an Applicant will be awarded an exemption from the PAT requirement based on the following criteria:

  • Documented qualifying PAT score from a foreign PGA within the past six years that meets the current PGA of Canada Playing Ability Test standard
  • Shooting a 36 hole score in a recognized tour event within the past six years that meets the current PGA of Canada Playing Ability Test standard (incl. Women's PGA Championship of Canada)
  • Past PGA of Canada National Champions
  • Past Scores from Recognizable Events such as high level Amateur, Professional, College and/or University events within the past six years. To apply, please forward links to your scores to Darcy Kral at

Please note:

  • Events must be at least two rounds in length, a Rules Official present, and we require the course rating for the event/tees played. The Membership Committee will review and determine whether or not a PAT Exemption would be granted or not.
  • It is the responsibility of the Applicant to apply for a PAT Exemption by forwarding the appropriate documentation to the local Zone office. These Applicants must complete and meet all other PAT requirements, i.e. payment of the National application fee and the BC Zone Application fee, meet all deadlines, and regulations from the local Zone office.

Candidates for Membership (CFM)
The National office will send an electronic invoice to the successful PAT applicants for their dues – prorated to the month the PAT was passed. The applicant will have 30 days from this date to submit payment with their signed application form back to the National office. This is the only time dues are charged at a prorated amount. THE CANDIDATE WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR NON-PAYMENT IF HE/SHE DOES NOT PAY WITHIN 30 DAYS.

Becoming a Class “A” Professional
The Class “A” requirements must be completed in a maximum of 6 years. Should any Candidate fail to complete the program (including successful completion of the Class “A” Evaluation) within the 6-year time frame, there will be a 2-year waiting period for re-application.

A CFM can view his/her “Education Summary” in the Members’ Only section under “My Message Centre”. It is the responsibility of the Candidate to ensure that their records are updated with the National Office by providing proof of completion for formal education completed.

The 6 Core Competencies that are required to become a Class “A” Member of the PGA of Canada are as follows:
1. Rules of Golf: Must complete Level Two of the Golf Canada Rules of Golf.

2. Club Fitting: Candidates for Membership must complete the one day PGA of Canada Equipment Fitting Workshop.

3. National Coaching Certification Program: Must obtain certified status in Instructor Beginner and Instructor Intermediate Golfers contexts. Click here for complete details and timelines.

4. PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules: Must successfully complete the five PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules. Each Candidate for Membership (CFM) must complete one module of their choice per calendar year as per the national education policy.

5. Employment in the Golf Industry: A Candidate for Membership must obtain a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant workplace time during their training in six years. Current PGA of Canada categories will be accepted. All other positions must be approved by the National “Membership Committee”.  All Candidates for Membership & Applicants will be required to work in the golf industry until Class “A” status is obtained.

6. Formal Education:

  • 3 year Business diploma, PGM diploma, or a University degree with a business major or
  • University degree other than Business or a 2 year diploma in any discipline with a  1 year business certificate from an accredited college or the Golf Management Institute of Canada online diploma