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James was born in Oakville, Ontario in 1985. His greatest strength is his ability to change and adapt quickly to fast moving situations. No doubt this has something to do with the fact that given his relatively young age of 26 he has resided in no less than 10 different cities. James’ most formative years were spent in Tokyo from 1995 -2002 followed by a year in Singapore where he graduated from High School. Upon his return to Canada in late 2003, he entered Humber College’s Professional Golf Management (PGM) program in Toronto. In 2005 he relocated to Victoria BC and continued his PGM studies at Camosun College. Since his return to Canada James’ career has blossomed at a number of fine golf courses, including Oakdale Golf & Country Club in Toronto, Royal Colwood Golf Club and Nanaimo Golf &Country Club on Vancouver Island as well as Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club and Fraserview Golf Course in Vancouver. He is currently Head Professional at Gleneagles Golf Course in West Vancouver. Junior golf James’ passion lies within junior golf development. James not only introduces golf to juniors in a fun and playful way, he ensures his junior golfers get a well rounded exposure to; golf, life skills and physical literacy skills. Golf wouldn’t be golf if it didn’t integrate these 9 core values: Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Judgment, and Perseverance And Golf wouldn’t be possible to play if golfers didn’t have a solid foundation in these basic physical skills: Balance, Catching, Dodging, Dribbling, Diving, Falling, Galloping, Hopping, Jumping, Kicking, Landing, Leaping, Pulling, Pushing, Running, Skating, Skiing, Skipping, Spinning, Starting, Stopping, Striking, Swimming, Throwing, Twisting, Volleying, and Walking James’ programs will incorporate life skills and physical skills seamlessly throughout each golf lesson.